Health Promotion and Wellness

Project Health is a part of the Student Health Center’s Department of Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW). HPW has been around since 1988, and covers a wide array of health topics. HPW is home to many annual campus events including Body Appreciation Week, the Rising Tide Tailgates, the Student Health fair, and more. The department is broken into seven strategic health teams which are covered by four health educators, who serve The University of Alabama campus community.

The seven strategic health teams include:

Alcohol and Other Drugs
Eating Disorders
Financial Health, Debt Management and Gambling
Mental Health, Depression and Suicide
Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships
Tobacco Education

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Health Promotion and Wellness Staff

Student Health Center, Head Shot, Staff, Building Stock

Delynne Wilcox, PhD, MPH

Delynne has worked in the Department of Health Promotion and Wellness since 2000. She has earned her Master’s in Public Health and her PhD in Higher Education Administration. Delynne spearheads the Alcohol and Other Drugs strategic team and the Tobacco Education strategic team. She coordinates AlcoholEdu and the Rising Tide Tailgates, in addition to many other things within the alcohol and other drugs field.

Sheena Gregg, MS, RD, LD

Sheena has worked in the Student Health Center as the Registered Dietitian for the past six years. She completed all of her degrees at the University of Alabama. Sheena coordinates the Nutrition strategic team and the Eating Disorders strategic team. Sheena is an awesome advocate for body positivity, and coordinates the annual Body Appreciation Week. Students can meet with Sheena to discuss anything surrounding their diets or nutrition for only $20 a session!

Call to schedule an appointment with Sheena at  (205) 348-2778.

Student Health Center, Head Shot, Staff, Building Stock

Brittney Vigna, MPH, CHES

Brittney started working at the University of Alabama Department of Health Promotion and Wellness in 2014. She received her Master’s of Public Health from the University of Missouri and is also a Certified Health Education Specialist. Brittney coordinates the Financial Health Strategic team and events such as Wellness Week and the Student Health Fair. Brittney is one of the advisers of Project Health and Gamma.

Charlotte Petonic, M.Ed, CHES

Charlotte has worked in HPW since 2014. She received her Master’s of Education specializing in Health Promotion from Georgia College & State University and is also a Certified Health Education Specialist. Charlotte coordinates the Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships strategic team and the Mental Health, Suicide, and Depression strategic team. Charlotte is one of the advisers of Project Health and Gamma.


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