It Started with a T-shirt

By: Olivia Gobble, President of Project Health & Gamma

            “Where’d you get that free t-shirt?!”

            “Oh, I got it from this place called the Health Hut!”

Just like many of you, my first interaction with Project Health and Gamma came in the form of a few questions and a free giveaway. It was the first week of the first semester of my freshman year and I was terrified. While I was walking to my first class of the day, a few students (exuberantly, for a Tuesday morning) jumped out at me from behind this big red structure on the quad and asked me if I wanted to learn about student safety on campus. Being the timid freshman that I was, I nodded, and began my first encounter with an organization that, three years later, I would be proud to be president of. As I sit here writing this, munching on the breath mints that I brought from the Health Hut shift that I just worked, I think about how happy I am that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and applied to be a member of Project Health and Gamma at the end of my freshman year.

One of the greatest aspects of this organization is our ability to work directly with students on campus. Every day that we put on our work shirts, we are preparing for a day educating our peers on risks that affect every single one of us. While we spend our time advocating for issues such as ending the stigma around mental illness or highlighting the importance of bystander intervention, we are also learning how you, as students, react to our information and how we can improve what we are doing so we can bring you the information you want, the way you will best learn from it. We, as interns, are fortunate to see all these different sides of student life. In our four different branches, Health Hut, Ambassadors, Advocates, and Gamma, we interact with everyone from the Greek to non-Greek students on the science quad to the business quad and all the majors in between, and see how they come together to form one, cohesive student body.

Being a member of Project Health and Gamma has opened me up to so many opportunities that I would have otherwise remained unexposed to. Through this organization I have had the opportunity to travel around the country and learn from other collegiate peer health organizations at BACCHUS, a national conference focused on the continuation and betterment of health advocacy on college campuses. We learn from other’s programming experiences and show what we, as one of the largest health organizations in the country, find effective at the University of Alabama.

Madam President, Olivia Gobble, is ready to rock this year of Project Health and Gamma! #savethehumans

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Lastly (but most importantly), Project Health and Gamma has become a family to me. I have found people who are just as passionate for serving as I am. I have looked up to these individuals and their abilities and have viewed them as my role models throughout my collegiate experience. They have taught me how to be my best self, both as a student and as an individual, and I am a confident and successful senior because of them. They are people who genuinely care about what we stand for and what our purpose is on this campus and I am proud to stand alongside them. We are here as an organization of students, advocating for the well-being of students and remaining strong because of the support of students just like you. Help us continue to be the best organization we can be, and apply for Project Health and Gamma today.