Becoming a Morning Person

By: Meghan Hampton

Most people dread signing up for 8 am classes, but at some point, an 8 am wake up time might be in your schedule (knock on wood) and your alarm will be going off around seven. Becoming a morning person is difficult, but can certainly be done.

Have everything ready that you will need the following morning.
It is important to get your day going so you are alert in the morning and not grumpy until 11. In order to become a morning person, it is very important to get into a routine at night in order for your body to catch cues that it is time to go to sleep. It is also helpful to get everything ready for the next day at night, such as packing your bag and making your lunch. This helps to not be as rushed in the morning.

Get to bed early (or earlier).
Having a cozy bedtime setting with no electronics around can help you relax and get to sleep easier. Electronics and bright lights make your brain think it is still day time and not time for bed yet. If you tend to stay up late, going to bed a little bit earlier each day can help you ease into having an earlier bedtime and help you get more rest before your alarm goes off. There are apps you can use such as Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock that will wake you up at a better time within a certain window so you will not feel as tired and groggy in them morning.

Schedule a morning workout.
Exercising in the morning has been shown to help wake people up and burn more fat. As hard as it is in the beginning of the workout, you will feel more awake and energized the rest of the day when you get going. At night, people are more busy and likely to find excuses not to go to the gym. Additionally, if you have a workout scheduled with another person, you’re much more likely to not fall back asleep.

Eat breakfast.
It is also important to eat a healthy breakfast that you look forward to eating and will keep you energized. Wasting half of your day being tired is not very useful. Getting into a night time and morning routine is very important in order to wake up easier and have a productive morning.

You can do it. Now go out there, and kill the day!


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