Why Peer Education?

By: Savannah Morgan

Project Health and Gamma are hiring! Do you ever thinking about impacting your peers in a proactive and positive way? Do you like to be around kind and uplifting people? Are you studying to have a health oriented career or just like to learn about health topics? If you agreed with any of these statements, you should think about joining Project Health or Gamma!

What does being in Project Health and Gamma mean? It means having a once in a lifetime opportunity to truly affect someone’s life. It means learning the names of “regulars” and having inside jokes with the people you work with. It means learning new things every week and helping others learn as well. It means knowing odd health statistics that you spout out to your friends, just because.

 I decided joined Health Hut my second semester of school. It was without a doubt because of the people I talked to at the Hut my first semester. Project Health and Gamma is a special organization to me because it helped me get out (mostly) of my awkward freshman shell and make genuine new friends. It helped me gain self-confidence by having people to laugh with me when I had a cold rejection from a busy student rushing to class. It made me become more outgoing so I could make the connections with our “regulars” that I now cherish and look forward to seeing.

One common misconception about Project Health and Gamma is that you have to be in a health related major to contribute. This could not be farther from the truth. Project Health and Gamma are looking for individuals who are passionate about health topics and helping others. Take it from an Engineering major; it is just as easy to find a non-health major in Project Health & Gamma as a health related major. Project Health and Gamma are organizations that serve to educate the student body on various health topics to promote a healthier campus environment. Gamma is made up of Greek students and promotes healthy living within the Greek community by presenting at sorority/fraternity houses on various health topics each week. Project Health has three branches: Health Hut, Health Ambassadors and Health Advocates.

The Health Hut is the little red tent you have more than likely seen on campus. Hut members focus on quick interactions with the student body through games, weekly handouts and prizes. People who just love talking to people tend to be drawn to this branch.

Being a Health Ambassador is a really great option for anyone passionate about a specific health topic. This branch allows members to focus programming in residence halls and classrooms about their favorite topic in depth. Ambassadors can also be found at healthy hump day.

Health Advocates put on monthly awareness events and participate in informal interactions. This means advocates go around campus teaching anyone about the health topic of the week. Becoming an advocate is a great choice for any one who loves to talk to people and is very outgoing.

Project Health and Gamma applications are currently live and are due on this Friday, April 1st.  Joining Project Health will allow you to meet great people, gain health education experience, improve public speaking as well as provide impressive work experience.